6 Kitchen Islands Idea to Help You Save a Lot of Space

Contemporary interior design offers a myriad of ingenious and extraordinary solutions. So when you are about to arrange your new kitchen, why not go for an original and at the same time comfortable kitchen island?

#1 Bookshelf

This kitchen island is really simple. The one on the photo was made of three cases and a thick IKEA kitchen worktop. Fix the cases together with screws and add the worktop. On the side of it there is a hook for chopping boards.
The worktop was impregnated. Now just put the cookery books, food processors and other utensils on the shelves, depending what you need to have at hand.

#2 An old sideboard

Are you sure you can’t use and old sideboard or a dressing table for your new kitchen? If you don’t have one, go to a flea market and I am sure you will find something there at a reasonable price. The legs of the sideboard were extended, and the whole piece was painted intensive turquoise blue. A big new wooden top was fixed and painted white. This is a very uncommon kitchen island!

#3 A desk

An old desk on wheels may also become a stylish and functional kitchen island. Just a little bit of paint and self-adhesive paper with decorative marble pattern. The handles were replaced with new silver ones.

#4 Factory cart

Such pieces will ideally match a number of designs. It was found on a flea market. Cleaned and polished, with a new wooden top, the whole thing was also slightly repainted.

#5 Workshop table

You can breathe a new life into a workshop table and give it some beautiful rustic style. This particular piece did not require much effort. Again, just a bit of paint and new handles. The original wooden top is still there.

#6 Wooden pallets

Wooden pallets can be used to make a bed, cases, or even a kitchen island. Pallets, supports and the fibreboard were all painted and then fixed together. Finally the solid wooden worktop was added.

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