25 stories of people finding unbelievable items in unexpected places

We come across the best things the moment we stop looking for them. Each of us will sooner or later find their ‘diamond’ , so don’t give up. It’s just a matter of time and you will bump into somebody or something special.

#1 ‘A friend of mine works for a recycling company. Today he found a diary dated 1941’

#2 While walking along a beach in the Hawaii my wife and I found this glass ball that became home to this little sea ecosystem.’

#3 ‘An 8-year old found an iron-age sword in Vidösten lake, probably about 1,500 years old. This is the first sword like this ever to be found in Scandinavia.

#4 A micro-world born inside a bottle.

#5 ‘Fortunately, my dad found these little ones before he got on his harvester.’

#6 “My nephew found a shell with squid eggs. I had never seen anything like that before.’

#7 ‘I found an abandoned guinea pig in a forest. Luckily it’s got a new home now.’

#8 I opened the barbecue grill the first time this year. I found a bunch of hungry hatchlings.’

#9 ‘I found a transparent leaf.’

#10” I found the most satisfying stone on the beach today.’

#11 ‘While trekking, my dad and his friend found a boot that Reese Witherspoon throws away in the movie ‘Wild’

#12 If four-leaf clover brings you luck, then seven-leaf one is like winning the lottery’

#13 ‘I found a beautiful piece of resin at work today.’

#14 ‘I found a one-dollar note, lying on the ground, which is ninety-four years old.’

#15 ‘Walking on the beach I found a perfectly smooth stone.’

#16 A fisherman found a pearl that weighs 34 kilos, but unaware of its value decided to keep it as a lucky charm.

#17 ’At work, a friend of mine found a pink grasshopper.’

#18 ‘This is what I found while weeding.’

#19 A blue mineral found in the forest.’

#20 ‘ I found a stone that looks like a shark.’

#21 ‘My mum found her ticket for her first The Beatles show in 1964’

#22 ‘A tine pearl that I found in an oyster bought in a shop.’

#23 ‘There was a tombstone right under my garage.’

#24 “My neighbour found a bullet in his corn.’

#25 ‘Tonight I saw a moth that looked as if there was a French bulldog’s face on its wings.’

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