22 Examples of Selfie That Should Have Never Been Published

The word ‘selfie’ is said to have been first used on an Australian Internet forum in 2002. Of course such photos had been taken well before. Anyway, the idea remains the same. The problem is that sometimes our selfies do not represent quite what they were supposed to. The reality occasionally looks much different than what we thought it would.

#1 Daddy always knows when to show up

#2 Just before serious trouble begins

#3 Isn’t that Voldemort?

#4 When your dog is not a big fan of your selfies

#5 Someone’s going to make a mess on the floor

#6 The plane’s on fire? Let me take a selfie first

#7 My friend’s dad learnt how to take selfies and this is the first one

#8 She almost managed to cover her face

#9 The moment when horse butt gets more focus than your face

#10 Ignore the mess, look at me!

#11 I think someone is just about to lose his car

#12 When the bathroom is too small…

#13 There are some who disapprove my costume

#14 Photobombing is always a danger

#15 Just one bad move and the ice-cream will be gone

#16 My boyfriend sneaked into the shower to take a photo of me

#17 And what do you think?

#18 Traffic jams, traffic jams…

#19 ‘My boyfriend caught me sleeping’

#20 A rarity – a sloth photo bomber!

#21 Always check the background!

#22 The fear unfolding

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