20 real photos that will make you feel you’re in real Matrix!

A series of coincidences make our minds begin to wonder if what we see is real or this is just a trick of our brain. Here are a few interesting, unusual and amusing coincidences that will make you feel you are in Matrix.

#1 A dragonfly sat on my friend’s leg and looked like a mirror reflection of her tattoo

#2 Who looks better in pink and black?

#3 Are they twins?

#4 Quite a good idea for a Halloween costume

#5 Five curly-haired girls. The fifth taking the a photo

#6 Felix does exist

#7 Will you dare to have a sip?

#8 It’s no coincidence. It’s Matrix

#9 My girlfriend is a camouflage champion

#10 It’s not just about the hair colour. It’s also their clothes!

#11 What will you sing for us, Taylor Swift?

#12 He really looks like Mario!

#13 I met Vincent Van Gogh today. Just before he cut off his ear

#14 The last Jedi?

#15 Accidental match

#16 Robber searched, robber found

#17 Someone is pulling our legs today

#18 Jesus reincarnated

#19 ’I’m not like most girls’

#20 Catfred Einstein?

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