20 Photos with a Plot Twist. Perfect Place, Perfect Timing!

How many times a day do you take photos? Now that we all have smartphones, I guess it’s quite a few. By the way, have you ever managed to capture something that lasted a fraction of a second? The photos below were taken at the right time, in the right place and from the best possible angle.
If you have ever managed to take a picture like any of these, please let us know in your comments.

#1 I thought planes to be a little bit bigger

#2 I think nobody expected the ball there…

#3 The countdown before the coffee lands on the ground

#4 I lift horses. What is your superpower?

#5 This one was taken by a photographer falling onto the ground

#6 Few of us would expect this gentleman to have such legs…

#7 The cat peeping inside the food bag or… the cat from the bag?

#8 A perfect spiral of aloe

#9 The more you take, the more you drop

#10 I guess it wasn’t the best moment to yawn

#11 Farewell!

#12 When beer foam forms a beer towel

#13 You don’t need Instagram filters if you have a dog

#14 Well…

#15 I hope her nose is ok

#16 Jaw-dropping internet issues

#17 “I believe I can fly…’

#18 A perfect moment to take a photo

#19 Is this a sign?

#20 The fall of the wedding cake

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