20 People Who Were Much More Unlucky Than You. You Wouldn’t like to Be in Their Shoes

Bad luck does not exist. However, everybody might have a bad day. Some people have such bad days that you simply need to see it.

#1 When you realise you used a wrong chemical

#2 Something has gone wrong here

#3 When you couldn’t wait to speed up a little

#4 You get stuck and your friends launch a rescue mission

#5 It’s no use crying over spilt milk

#6 One of the days when even your mug is against you

#7 You thought it was fun and then your friends scattered some crisps all over

#8 But there was no sign whatsoever!

#9 When life gives you lemons, make some lemonade. What if life gives you lemons like these?

#10 And what now?

#11 Multifunctional means of transportation

#12 Dinner has been served!

#13 Who fancies a fried fork?

#14 It hurts even when you look at it

#15 Make sure your phone is fixed well while cycling

#16 I wonder what exactly is being cooked here

#17 Failed door-to-door delivery

#18 Less ice cream, fewer calories!

#19 You hear the sound of a waterfall but… there is no water fall nearby!

#20 No way you can get off the roof now

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