20 People Who Do Agree That the 13th Day of Month Is Not Very Fortunate. This Is What You Call Tough Luck!

Some days may turn out unlucky, especially those falling on the 13th day of the month. Bad luck is always there when nobody expects it. Take a look at the photos to see what it means to be completely out of luck.

#1 The last place you would like to clean up

#2 This is how Friday the13th can hit you right in your face…

#3 As long as it looks good, I see no problem here

#4 Never go skydiving on the 13th

#5 You won’t see that happen in ‘Fast and Furious’.

#6 Sometimes you hit the bull’s eye, sometimes something else…


#7 Complaining about a bad day? What is he supposed to say then?

#8 On the way to cleanness

#9 That happens even if you have a little craving

#10 No matter what you do, stay alert

#11 A note sticking to the non-stick pan…

#12 Man vs. Nature 0:1

#13 It’s raining eggs

#14 ‘Get a BMW’, they said. ‘It’s gonna be fine’, they said.

#15 Did it grow up among cats?

#16 ‘Just pretend to be dead’.

#17 The 13th knows no mercy for animals, either.

#18 Just a quick question: what do you feel more sorry for – the Macbook or the Nutella sandwich?

#19 Pots are not to be trusted

#20 ‘Boss, I’m afraid I will be late. There is some concrete poured all over my car.’

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