20 insane examples proving that human creativity knows no limits

Have you ever wondered what would happen if creativity and madness had a child together? It turns out that seeking a new solution we are perfectly capable of creating something new, something unusual and … something completely insane. Here are 20 examples of bizarre innovations that really deserve to be awarded a medal!

#1 My friend’s fish began to feel lonely

#2 Nobody messes around with the onions from India

#3 Everything is all right

#4 Broken toaster? I see no problem here

#5 The best shoe-drier ever invented!

#6 The barbecue traditions differ all over the world

#7 New generation of engineers on their way!

#8 The beach at an all-inclusive hotel

#9 If something works, then it must be right

#10 When the tap meets the hose

#11 Sausage dispenser

#12 The most important items always at hand!

#13 When your lunch must be heated really quickly

#14 Be it brown or silver, tape solves all problems

#15 Looks like a huge party!

#16 Scientists continue their efforts to clone spaghetti

#17 Too many keyboards? Not enough hangers? No problem at all!

#18 Warhol-style cabinet

#19 Need a teaspoon? A fork and some tape will do

#20 If you have never eaten your popcorn like this, then you have never been really bored!

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