18 Ridiculous Road Situations. Some Signs Simply Can’t Be Followed!

In the spring there are more and more roadworks. New signs are put up and the old ones are upgraded. If you think it is a problem only in your country, then you’re wrong. The photos come from a number of countries!

The ‘road artists’ are either dyslectic or … artistic. Or perhaps they simply need more imagination…

#1 You might think that spelling ‘STOP’ is easy. Do you still think so?

#2 A cycling lane for stuntmen

#3 A perfect spot for disadvantaged drivers

#4 This is where the artists practice their masterpieces

#5 It looks like someone has read ‘The Little Prince’ way too many times

#6 Anyone looking for a shovel?

#7 Another cycling lane for the fittest

#8 The lines have been painted, boss!

#9 Do you still think that spelling ‘STOP’ is easy?

#10 Picasso himself wouldn’t do it better!

#11 Making up your mind is never easy

#12 I think the place in question is where the gentlemen should come back for a few lessons

#13 Please, don’t ask. I don’t know. I really don’t know

#14 Matrix on the road

#15 No comments

#16 But for the kerbs and the railing, everything would be ok

#17 Dashed line redefined

#18 This could be an airport runway, or I have no idea what else…

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