18 fruit and vegetables of really weird shapes. You have to look twice!

Mother Nature doesn’t seem to stop in her efforts to surprise us in her most creative and funny way. Definitely the vegetables and fruit below make a very solid evidence in this case. They do look unusual. Sometimes their shape makes you think of human body, sometimes you will see some pop culture icons.

Have you ever seen anything like this? Why don’t you share it with us in your comments!

#1 A little elephant

#2 Apparently there is some fruit that looks like a parrot

#3 ‘Left, right, left, right’

#4 A heart on a hand

#5 A surprised child or just a normal apple?

#6 Doesn’t it look a bit like lower parts of female body?

#7 Thumb up!

#8 A smiling potato

#9 High five

#10 A butterfly

#11 This lemon thinks it’s a chilli pepper

#12 A veg-food

#13 Perfect match

#14 Two fingers?

#15 An aubergine that doesn’t tell the truth

#16 A flower

#17 Only the bravest shall approach!

#18 Passion and romance

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