16 Weird Photos That Turned Out to Be Genuine. This Is What You Call Matrix!

A levitating horse, a dog with dinosaur fangs, or a cat that is a …rat? Do such things really exist? It turns out they do. At least this is what you can find in our photos.

#1 My dog’s ear look like a smaller version of the dog itself

#2 The window reflection makes the structure look transparent

#3 This is the duck I found in my garden

#4 A heavenly wolf howling

#5 Thumbs up for this strawberry!

#6 A snake cat? No, two having a nap in a pet shop

#7 The glass looks like it was practising levitation

#8 What kind of cap is he wearing?? Oh, wait a second…

#9 Even a T-shirt T-rex is always hungry

#10 My parents bumped into a very friendly stingray on their holidays

#11 A gigantic cat walking down the street

#12 A monster dog

#13 The real soul of the cat reflected in its shadow

#14 The photo can’t have been taken at a better time. I wonder if they were aware of what was really happening behind them…

#15 The seat looks like it was sitting itself…

Staidanom / Reddit

#16 A levitating horse

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