16 perfectly timed photos that will make you look twice

Sometimes we manage to capture an exceptional moment in a photograph which is stunning. We all admire them. The magic there is simply breath-taking. Have a look at a collection of several masterpieces like this!

#1 A perfect splash

#2 The sun rising inside a building

#3 A car roof after a frosty night

#4 A raven caught jumping, looking photoshopped

#5 A plane photo looking like a painting

#6 The dog’s favourite corner. I wonder why

#7 A fish-shaped lake

#8 A dog on a frozen lake, after a short shower rain

#9 The glitter in the eyes a second before Christmas tree attack

#10 A weird wall dimension

#11 Never-ending beauty

#12 A post that cuts one place in two photos

#13 And now you look really intellectual

#14 The moon between the Sears Towers

#15 The steering wheel reflection looking like a planet

#16 A complete set

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