15 Things beyond Anyone’s Belief That People Did to Their Equipment

We are not all experts when it comes to computers or hi-fi. Sometimes, however, you can’t help but wonder. Some technicians shared a few photos showing what people had done to their computers and other appliances. Just take a look.

#1 The owner of the computer decided to create some nice atmosphere and put a candle on the perforated side that gives out the PC’s heat. It’s a pity he hadn’t lit the candle, too

#2 Here a young player decided to perforate the mouse to make it lighter to gain advantage over other players

#3 An elderly gentleman decided to fill the slot in the phone with a screw…

#4 This is not a view of an ancient city. It’s a badly damaged computer motherboard

#5 An inexperienced user mistook loudspeakers with a Wi-Fi set

#6 When you want to heat the room, always check the position of your PC against the heater

#7 Who would expect that a new ream of papers has to be unwrapped before inserting into the photocopier…

#8 When the cable doesn’t fit, bending its pieces is not quite a good idea

#9 I don’t want to know where the PC with a fan like this was used

#10 ‘ I have no idea what happened. It just switched off out of the blue. There was no way I could get it working. This one?: Well an annoying stream of cold air was flowing this way so I decided to cover it.”

#11 Honestly speaking I have no clue what happened her

#12 Nobody could figure out why the hard drive wasn’t working. Until they took out the piece of paper

#13 Can this be melted? Yes, it can

#14 PC getting high. This looks like an LSD trip

#15 Nobody knew what the problem with the CCTV camera was

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