15 bizarre balconies you are not likely to see in your neighbourhood

People say that our flats can be mirrors of our souls. Our choice of accessories, colours of walls and furniture gives away our personality. If this is true not only about our flats, but also about our balconies, then we must admit that some of the balcony owners freaked out a little. I can see no limits of their imagination.

#1 Phantom balcony

#2 The designer: ‘We forgot about the toilet’
The builder: ‘Don’t worry. There’s still some space on the balcony’

#3 Who knows what will come in handy?

#4 Christmas coming

#5 The flat owner: ‘I love travelling by trams
and trains.’
The designer: ‘OK’

#6 You don’t have a dish dryer, but you do have a balcony

#7 Hoarders strike back!

#8 I am a hunter and I live here!

#9 Balcony-surfing

#10 A collection of soft toys

#11 The balcony that can fit in everything

#12 Outdoor bathroom

#13 Jeans for everyone!

#14 My balcony is my castle

#15 I wonder if they found them all themselves…

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