14 stunning recycled furniture projects. All you need is some old items

Do you know that if you decide to make your own furniture, you can save a really impressive amount of money? Apart from saving, what really matters is that you design and create something useful and something looking good.

Here are a few items than you can make yourself. Just a pinch of creativity, appropriate materials, a little paint and… you will be surprised once you finish!

#1 Bind wooden crates with strong rope and paint them one colour

#2 There are a number of pieces you can make using pallets, e.g. a comfy chair. Put a light chain inside them and create a cosy bedroom

#3 Why not turn an old barrel into bar table?

#4 Pallets will work well as garden furniture, too

#5 Would you ever say that a colander could make a nice lamp?

#6 Concrete blocks used as a bench

#7 Eco-table? Why not!

#8 A wooden ladder plus a few shelves to store your travel souvenirs

Make a quick set of shelves using a ladder www.apairandasparediy.com

#9 A ladder may store your shoes just as well

DIY Ladder Shoe Shelf www.apairandasparediy.com

#10 With two ladders you already have a wardrobe

Make a wardrobe using a ladder www.apairandasparediy.com

#11 An old drawer transformed into a cute footstool

#12 If you really have loads of time

#13 We do not recommend drinking a lot of wine, but if you have a pile of wine corks, how about decorating a coffee table?

#14 Even old footballs can change into something useful


Which piece did you like the most? Maybe you have done something similar? Why don’t you share it with us in your comment!

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