14 Ideas How to Make Over Cheap Furniture. It Will Look Amazing!

Is there anybody who doesn’t like IKEA and their furniture? Just a few of you I guess. That is why I think most of you will be really keen to see what I have for you today.
It is generally known that IKEA as a chain store offers everything for everyone at really sensible prices. However, much as we like their products, sometimes we have a feeling that a little bit of upgrade would definitely do. All you need to do it is a bit of creativity and a little effort.

Have a look at what some Pinterest users managed to create and simply follow their inspirations!

#1 A bit of paint and different handles

#2 Coffee table

#3 A bit more colour

#4 Much more extraordinary

#5 A chest of drawers + a chest of drawers = a dressing table

#6 Changed beyond recognition

#7 Total makeover

#8 Would you say it used to be just a bookshelf?

#9 It used to look plain. How about now?

#10 A perfect wardrobe

#11 Yes, That used to be a bookshelf, too

#12 A little bit of white paint and it looks so much better now

#13 A little work, a big difference

#14 A wheeled table

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