12 Ridiculous Objects. Their Designers Will Never Admit to Creating Them

Have you ever seen a ridiculous design or a professional blowing his job? A badly fixed tap or a stadium seat are just two examples of ‘inventions’ we have collected for you. See the gallery below!

#1 ‘I asked my husband to fill salt and pepper shakers.’

© n1bnesim / imgur

#2 I think there are better materials to make a toilet

©unknown / reddit

#3 Always holding the drink for you!

ArkadiusBear / reddit

#4 Toilet paper always at hand. As long as the arm is long!

© Matmo / imgur

#5 Fitted carpet on the stairs? Why not. It’s all about the pattern…

© Biaswords_ / reddit

#6 When you feel useless, this gate will make you feel better!

© belazzz / imgur

#7 The entrance to the hell for perfectionists

© unknown / imgur

#8 Our hotel offers unique view of the city!

© ryabot / reddit

#9 Chandelier – campus version

© IAMmojo / reddit

#10 Stop moaning. There is a wall between us!

© ohsureyoudo / reddit

#11 The escalators for the headless

© silence_hr / reddit

#12 Are you still wondering why the ticket was such a bargain?

© LukasJ / reddit

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