Uber Boasts About Their Delivery Record. These Figures Are Out of This World!

    Uber Boasts About Their Delivery Record. These Figures Are Out of This World!

    7:37 PM EST, January 12, 2022

    Uber Eats has released a report stating records their customer have broken. This digits prove one thing: we love takeaway food!

    Deliveries more and more popular

    Takeaway meals and home food deliveries are getting more and more popular. We love having our meals delivered and we also like our grocery shopping being brought to our home address. One of the leaders in this market is Uber Eats. Just like Wolt’s or Glovo's their rucksacks are recognized worldwide.

    The Uber Eats analysts have prepared a detailed report with details of most common orders.

    Some people really love food deliveries

    How many times per month could you possible place an order in a single restaurant? Once? How about a slightly more insane option and... every day? Do you think it's too much?

    Not in the USA. The record holder ordered stuff from one restaurant as many as 904 times within one year! This family must really love Indian food and it would come as no surprise if they had already been given a golden loyalty card.

    Bananas worth all the money in the world

    It's not only ready dishes you can get delivered. It is also grocery you can have brought to your doorstep. The delivery guy just does the shopping for you using your list and that's it. The most frequently ordered food in the USA last years was... bananas. It was only in September that 11,000 kilos of this fruit had to be bought and delivered.

    Loving sauces and hating onion

    Let's face it – there is nobody in the whole world who likes eating everything. So no wonder that there is option to modify your order customizing it to your individual preferences. And this is why onion ended up as the most frequently removed ingredient. Interestingly, it was followed by... cheese. I hope it did not refer to many pizza orders.

    As far as extra ingredients are concerned, most people requested additional portion of sauce or something spicy.

    Uber reads your comments

    Orders are often accompanied by comments. Some people ask for something extra”

    'Please make sure that there are loads of mushrooms. I really love mushrooms. Some reasonable people, asking for extra cheese, mean about 50% cheese more. I am not a reasonable person! I want loads of f****** mushrooms. Please. O just love them!'

    Others are perfectionists

    'Make sure that the salmon has been properly cleaned and well-fried.'

    Some keep hoping for free extras:

    'Hi. It's my first order. I have got a dog which is 75 pounds heavy and I know that she is bound to beg me for the wings or anything that I order. Is there a way to get something for her, too? She is 8 years old and she is the sweetest and the smartest creature I know. She smiles whenever asked to and knows a number of tricks.'

    The most popular Uber food

    In America it's Mexican cuisine that is ordered most frequently. It is followed by hamburgers, Chinese food and pizza. The list of most common dishes include pad thai, French fries, miso soup and garlic naan bread.

    Do you ever order food like that? What do you choose most often? Let us know in your comments.
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