11 Types of Coffee Lovers That Everyone Knows. Will You Find Yourself in Them?

    11 Types of Coffee Lovers That Everyone Knows. Will You Find Yourself in Them?

    11 Types of Coffee Lovers That Everyone Knows. Will You Find Yourself in Them?
    1:38 PM EDT, May 11, 2021, updated: 11:41 AM EDT, May 12, 2021

    Nothing is as stimulating as a cup of hot coffee. Morning, evening, afternoon - every time is good!

    #1 Quick Coffee and Ready

    Two teaspoonfuls of soluble milk, a milk cap and ready. No waiting, no steaming, no wasting time.


    #2 The Syrup Master

    This is the person who can decode all Starbucks coffees. Tasty syrups have already tested almost all of them, and coffee without them there is no reason to exist.

    #3 Picky Connoisseur

    Despite numerous barista training, coffee must be made only from carefully selected beans, collected by monks at sunrise on the odd days of the week, in the months with the letter "r" in the name. Only then, it tastes good

    #4 Coffee Polyglots

    Coffee is not without milk, foam and a little chocolate. They drink latte, cappuccino, macchiato, affogato and know exactly what it is.

    #5 Frappuccino Fanatics

    Their cups contain more sugar, whipped cream, sugar, ice and sugar than coffee. Actually, they would prefer a milkshake, but they are adults and are a little ashamed.

    #6 Bean Lovers

    Bean lovers can distinguish between coffee from Colombia, Ethiopia and Kenya in a simple way. What way? We do not know, you have to ask them 😉.

    #7 Caffeine Addicts

    Addicts do not like the taste of coffee, but need it to work. Without it they function a bit like zombies.

    #8 Former Addict

    Of course, the antagonist of the previous type. They tell us how bad they felt after coffee, how their heads hurt and how much they don't miss it.


    #9 Hatred

    Each, even the least noticeable, aroma of coffee arouses a grimace of disgust in them. Coffee cake, chocolates with coffee - it's all just be.

    #10 Owner of a Capsule Machine

    They know everything there is to know about coffee machines and the corresponding capsules because they saw George Clooney with coffee and they just had to have it. Now they have a strange loyalty to the brand.

    #11 Lovers of Old Customs

    Strong, spilled coffee that would put everyone on their feet. Mandatory in a glass with a basket, drunk together with the neighbor from the floor below.


    So how do you take your coffee?

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