17 Surprising Trivia about Celebrities and Their Families

We know them from TV screens and phones, but there are small facts about their lives that can be a surprise to anyone. And this is despite the fact that these celebrities have never made it a secret.

Here are a dozen such tidbits.

#1 Elvis Presley Was Actually Blonde


#2 The Obamas Didn’t Pay Off Their Student Loans Until They Were in Their 40s

The White House/flickr 

#3 Leonardo DiCaprio’s Mom Was Looking at a Leonardo Da Vinci Painting When Leo First Kicked Her in the Stomach. That’s Why She Gave Him the Name Leonardo


#4 Steve Buscemi Used to Be a Fireman


#5  Woody Harrelson’s Father Was a Paid Assassin


#6 Natalie Portman Has Coauthored Two Scientific Papers


#7 This Is What Brad Pitt’s Brother Doug Pitt Looks Like


#8 During the Filming of Avengers, Robert Downey Jr Hid Candy Bars and Other Snacks Everywhere


#9 Hugh Jackman Performed at Children’s Birthday Parties as Coco the Clown


#10 This Is What Morgan Freeman Looked Like When He Was a Teenager


#11 Bill Murray Was Arrested at Age 20 for Trying to Bring 4.5 Pounds of Marijuana on a Plane


#12 Daniel Radcliffe Broke More Than 80 Wands While Filming the Harry Potter Movies Because He Used Them as Drumsticks


#13 Dennis Rodman Has 28 Siblings


#14 This Is What Jason Momoa Looked Like at the Age of 20


#15 Jennifer Lawrence Tattooed H2O on Her Hand to Remember to Drink More Water


#16 Tom Cruise Has a Tooth That Is Right in the Middle of His Face


#17 Rami Malek Has a Twin Brother Named Sami


Who surprised you the most?

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