Peel Young Potatoes In A Few Seconds

Amazing power drill hack helpful in dealing with a stack of potatoes!

Do you love eating young potatoes but hate peeling them? See this smart idea of Danish weekend engineer Leo Morten Lund that will let you do it in seconds. All you need is a toilet brush attached to an electric drill!

Do you wash or peel young potatoes?

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0 thoughts on “Peel Young Potatoes In A Few Seconds

  1. Val D says:

    I though it would be the potato attached to the drill, peeler on the other hand. I saw a video on this nut peeling apples, I think

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well, you also need a garden or at least a terrace and a tube – things that are not really available in a usual town house. To use a toilet brush for food – although it´s new – seams a little disturbing to me. But anyway – funny idea!

  3. Karina Haczek says:

    you can do it in a bathtub too:) when it comes to a toilet brush, it just needs to be new and clean :)

  4. meme says:

    There are machines which use the same technique (principal) in some big restaurant kitchens, some resemble to a washing machine. U can try to recreate that and instead of an open bucket use something like a dog food big or something like that and just drill a hole in the lid. But this is only useful if you have to peel tons of potatoes regularly, otherwise is just a cute idea…

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