10 Clever Tricks Used by Waiters to Get Higher Tips

    10 Clever Tricks Used by Waiters to Get Higher Tips

    10 Clever Tricks Used by Waiters to Get Higher Tips
    10:37 AM EDT, September 19, 2021, updated: 3:45 PM EDT, September 22, 2021

    Leaving tips to waiters in restaurants is already a common practice around the world. However, one probably doesn't realise the simple manipulative techniques a skilled waiter or waitress use to get a better tip.


    Research in Restaurants

    Professor Michael Lynn is a lecturer at Cornell University (Ithaca, USA). He conducted a study in 21 restaurants, where he closely observed the work of waiters. In this way, he wanted to prove the relationship between the quality of service and a fair tip. In the course of research Michael discovered 13 specific methods of waiters' behavior that affect our subconscious and make us leave more money after the meal. Some waiters are real masters of manipulation!


    #1 A Simple Smile

    Waiters who have uninviting faces and fail to smile at customers can't expect their tips to increase by 140%.

    #2 Red Uniform

    Apparently, the color of the uniform matters, but only for waitresses. 😉 Workers in red receive 26% higher tips. However, only men are willing to give them.

    #3 Bow over the table

    Waiters who don't stand up-straight but lean over the table (and show interest in doing so) can expect higher tips.


    #4 Bonus Candy

    Customers like to get something free. A small sweet attached to the bill makes them leave tips 21% higher.

    #5 Non-anonymous service

    Customers like to know the name of the person who will serve them. Then it becomes closer to them. A waiter who introduces himself can get a tip that is up to 53% higher.

    #6 A Gentle Touch

    If the waiter calls customers attention for some reason by a gentle touch, the tip can potentially increase by 42%.


    #7 Joke or Riddle

    Some customers like it when the waiter tells a joke or asks a riddle. This simple trick makes them more generous and give higher tips.

    #8 A kind word

    A simple mention of good weather will make the waiter tip 18% more.

    #9 Drawings

    Drawing something on the bill (sunshine, smile) can make almost every customer happy. Then he leaves a 37% higher tip.


    #10 A Simple Thank You

    Clever waiters often write the word thank you on the bill. In such cases, customers are more generous and increase the tip amount by 13%.

    Did you know about the tricks used by waiters?

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