Cunning Tricks of Huge Clothes Stores. We Fall For Them Way Too Often!

    Cunning Tricks of Huge Clothes Stores. We Fall For Them Way Too Often!

    5:12 PM EST, January 6, 2023, updated: 6:45 AM EST, January 7, 2023

    Promotions, sales, discounts – these three magical words are the most effective carrots encouraging us to go on a shopping spree. Because it's all about getting cheaper things. But do we really save when we fall prey to those tricks?

    A number of stores apply a wide variety of tricks to attract as many customers as possible. And it's not just the discounts that we find irresistible. There are a lot of little cunning schemes that make us dive deeper into our wallets. Unfortunately, the advantages we get barely outweigh the financial loss we sustain. To avoid that this what you have to pay attention to:

    Promotion without promotion

    Charleston's TheDigitel /
    Charleston's TheDigitel /

    It's about getting rid of the goods before a new collection takes over the shelves. Not even a single shopper will ignore a '50% OFF' notice. Irrespective of how many tops you already have in your closet.

    It is often the case that before a big 'sale' prices of products are increased only to make the sale really massive. Then you can actually sell the products at their regular price or just a little bit cheaper. Customers will still believe they save as they will compare the 'reduced' price to the artificially pumped one.

    I am sure you have heard of 'the cheapest item for free' sales. Perhaps some of you must have found out only at the checkout that the promotion does not cover the products you chose. Feeling awkward you decided to buy it anyway. And this is what the store wanted you to do.

    Miraculous mirrors

    Do you remember trying something on in the changing room and coming back home only to realize that you have just bought something that looks like a potato sack? The way changing rooms are illuminated together with the confined space in there makes it really difficult to see whether the clothes really suit us. Thanks to another small manipulation we all look good. And slim! It's all thanks to the slightly concave surface of the mirror.

    Straight from a fashion designer

    yaahoo / flickr
    yaahoo / flickr

    'A collection by... ' in fact means it was created in cooperation with this particular designer. In fact, the quality does not differ much from other products. Their price, however, does seem to prove that someone famous must have contributed. This trick is to improve the image of the store giving its customers the impression that the products inside are luxurious and unique.


    andreycherkasov / freepik
    andreycherkasov / freepik

    Most clothes are made of synthetic fabric. The tags do not always tell you the truth. The first washing-up will always do. Last but not least the earlier the clothes wear off, the sooner the customers will come back to buy more.

    Another thing is that 2% cashmere content does not make a cashmere sweater. Chemical softeners can work wonders, especially when we don’t pay much attention to the details on the tag.

    The store layout

    Layout, shelf arrangement, light and smells – it's all about luring the customers. That comes as no surprise - if the place smells so good and there are so many colors, how can one resist the temptation? And the dummies look so elegant that we can't help but buy exactly the same outfit!

    Arranging the store interior is nothing but a kind of art these days. Each details have been carefully analyzed and although we think that there is nothing specific attracting our attention, we're wrong. The stores know it very well how to reach their target customers.

    The hierarchy of products

    Firelknot / flickr
    Firelknot / flickr

    At first you notice cheaper thing. The further you go, the higher the prices get. To get to the checkout you have to walk through all the place. It is really likely that you will come across something attractive. Even standing in line you have to be careful. Thousands of little bits and pieces are ready to be browsed when you are bored waiting. Don't be surprised to bring home something you hadn't actually wanted to buy before you entered the store, usually something rather useless.

    Have you ever fallen for any tricks like that?
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