Put Toothpaste into the Tank to Get a Pleasant Smell When Flushing the Toilet

    Put Toothpaste into the Tank to Get a Pleasant Smell When Flushing the Toilet

    5:31 PM EDT, August 8, 2022, updated: 1:14 PM EDT, August 25, 2022

    Many people are looking for simple tricks to make cleaning not take hours. Of course, particularly demanding in this regard is the bathroom. Learn the toothpaste trick that will ensure that your bathroom never has a bad smell again.

    Fragrance cubes and other products designed to keep the toilet smelling nice are not cheap. They also usually run out very quickly and are not efficient. How to remedy this? Well, you can make a refresher for your toilet yourself. For this purpose, all you need is toothpaste. This patent may seem a little crazy, but it really works. There are two patents for making the refresher. Thus, you will place the homemade product in a wall-mounted toilet and a compact toilet (traditional, standing on tiles).

    #1 Buy a Tube of Toothpaste and Make Holes in It. The Best for This Purpose Will Be a Pin.


    #2 Squeeze the Tube So That the Toothpaste Can Come Out Freely Through the Holes.


    #3 Put the Tube of Toothpaste Into a Container of Water.


    #4 Put the Lid On. Every Time You Flush the Water Down Your Toilet, a Pleasant Minty Aroma Will Be Emitted.


    See Step-By-Step How to Make a Toothpaste Air Freshener

    How to make a compact toilet seat freshener?

    You can simply squeeze the paste into the plastic container of the previous refresher. The second patent requires first making holes in the tube (you literally only need a few). Then hang it on any hook (it can also be the one you obtain from an empty toilet cube package). An air freshener made from toothpaste is very efficient and will last up to 3 months.

    Other uses for toothpaste. For smokers

    Take toothpaste of any brand and squeeze a little of it on the yellow area of one of your fingers. Then use a toothbrush to rub the paste into the yellow skin for a few minutes. Later, rinse your fingers with warm water. For particularly tough stains, try using a whitening paste.

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