What scares off the bedbugs? Grandma’s way kills them all

You can read a lot about what lives in our homes. All kinds of bugs (including bedbugs!) can hide anywhere. In the walls, in the cracks and what’s the worst…in mattresses and furnitures. You probably woken up more than once before with a strange dot on your body.

What does a bedbug look like?

People often think that a bite marks are an allergy, mosquito or spider. Forgetting that it might be a bedbug…But what does a bedbug look like? These small pests with a size and shape esemble an apple seed. They are about 5-7 mm long with no wings. Hungry individuals may be pale yellow, but after biting they change their color into dark brown.

Bedbug on the skin

Bedbugs have three pairs of legs ended with claws that allows insects to attach to the skin while feeding. On the bug’s head you can find tentacles and visible eyes.

Due to its small and slightly flattened body shape, the bedbug may easily move between cracks and crevices. Most often, bedbugs likes to hide in a dark and isolated places. They prefer wood, paper and textiles. If you are planning to look for a bedbugs at your home, it is worth looking in the folds of the bed or armchairs. Also check curtains, socket outlets and carpets.

What scares off the bedbugs? Grandma’s way kills them all

Other than that, bedbugs can be also found in the books, behind wallpaper, in clothes, behind floor moldings, in the picture frames.

Bedbug bite

The Doctors themselves are often confusing bedbugs marks with allergies for example to powder. Bedbugs bites 3-4 times in a straight line or in the shape of a triangle. The wounds are red and they itch 3 times more than a mosquito bite.

Bedbug bite

Bedbug solution-Expel them before its not too late!

The bedbags lay eggs in the mattresses and upholstery of our furniture. They don’t have to drink our blood every day, so they often attack every 2-4 days. Many people underestimate the marks on the body and allow them to multiply. In such situations, getting rid of bugs will require a replacement of furniture and even renovation.

Choose diatomaceous earth to knock bedbugs out!

Step one: wash the bedding and mattress cover

Wash the materials at very high or very low temperatures.
If you have a carpet in the bedroom necessarily wash it with hot water or steam.

Step two: diatomaceous earth

It kills and scares off bedbugs. Place it in the furniture legs, wall cracks, wardrobes, around windows and everywhere where bugs could hide.

Bedbag ground furniture

Collect the ground into the lids from the jars and place them under the furniture legs

Bedbag ground furniture
Bedbug ground lit

Step three: leave the ground for about 7 days then clean it with a vacuum cleaner

Leave the ground for as long as you can. As long it will work as bigger chances there are that you get rid of it once and for all!

Bedbug carpet ground

I hope that you know now how to deal with bedbugs and you’ll handle them! Diatomaceous earth dries the wax cover of the bedbug. Thanks to this, the worms are not able to become resistant to it.