There are some trees species that you shouldn’t buy for Christmas. The seller won’t tell you about it!

Obviously nobody can imagine Holidays without a Christmas tree. Christmas is fast approaching so its time to consider it. Though the majority will decide to buy artificial, some still prefer a real trees. What kind of Christmas tree you should choose for your home?

The most popular species are fir, spruce and pine. They differ most of all in appearance, durability and of course the price. Below you will find some informations that can help you to choose this year’s Christmas tree.

The Norway spruce

The most common choice is a Norway spruce, however the tree starts to loose its needles very fast. After a few days you can expect that most of wil drop. The branches are very flexible, the needles are around 2 centimeters long. Dark green color and the smell of a tree sap certainly reminds of Christmas.

Blue spruce

The life of a Blue spruce is a bit longer. The needles are 3 centimeters long, for the family’s with children and animals we’re definitely advising against this choice, because those trees are very prickly. The branches are stiff and gray-green colored. The price of a Blue spruce is much higher than Norway spruce.

The Nordmann fir

A tree of a very regular shape, it belongs to more exclusive Christmas trees. Its the most expensive tree that can resist even two months before the needles starts to wither. In this case the branches are also stiff and the rounded needles are around 3 centimeters long. Beautiful green color is certainly convincing to buy it, unfortunetaly the tree is not one of those that are smelling.

Scots pine

It’s not one of most chosen trees, because of its specific shape of the branches. However the price and quite a long life can convince many to buy it. The needles are very long, can reach even 10 centimeters and branches stiff, upright. Beautiful smell and color definitely speaks in its favour.

Its worth considering buying a tree in a flowerpot so it can be transplanted to the garden after Christmas

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