The red part of the champagne cork has a special function! Few people know about it

There is always a reason to celebrate. But what would you do with an open bottle if you didn’t drink all the alcohol? Its a pity to get rid of such a drink. The solution is extremely simple and everyone can handle it.

Obviously first the bottle has to be be open. The key in this trick is the cork from which you need to cut off the part that directly enters the bottle.

Cork 1

The cork will suddenly decrease by 2-3 mm, it is necessary for the trick to succeed.

cork 2

Put it into the bottle.

Cork 3

Pull off the smaller cork (the plug).

Cork 4

Pour alcohol and when you know that your guests already have enough, put back the red cork (plug) in the place from which you took it.

Cork 5

Ten prosty trik zaskoczy Twoich znajomych na kolejnej imprezce

Ten prosty trik zaskoczy Twoich znajomych na kolejnej imprezce! Genialne Triki

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