T-shirt Ranger Roll Trick

Prepare for travelling and pack your tees effectively with this super duper hack
We love things quick, effective, simple and smart. These words describe our new tutorial perfectly! Although there is no way, we pack only tees for a trip, they usually take up too much space in our luggage comparing to their importance. This is why you will love this Ranger Roll trick as we did.

Take a close look at this simple step by step folding and rolling Mania is showing you in the video. Soon you will realise you still have got all the space in the world in your bag to fill in with tonnes of other unnecessary clothes. We're sure you'll end up wearing one t-shirt and shorts all week long anyway ;)

There is one more interesting fact about this old, military way of preparing clothes for packing; you don't have to limit yourself to just tees. Try this method with other clothes and pack like a pro (it also creases free). Oh, and together with our 3 Ways of Folding a T-shirt video, we are sure this one will make you rearrange your wardrobe too! Give us some feedback how it worked for you.

Have fun packing more effectively and share your thoughts in comments below the video.


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