Stash drawers that can give your kitchen extra space. Ingenious design!

There have been all so many articles about storage. We do realise, however, how important this problem is. That is why we keep inspiring you. Today a few more things about how to use the most of your kitchen. This time it is about the space under kitchen cabinets.

Cabinets up to the ceiling

We all have kitchen cabinets. Some of them reach up to the ceiling, which for many kitchens is a life saver. A few more shelves always come in handy. Naturally, as it’s not easy to reach them, we store there items that are hardly ever used. However, I do recommend such solution, especially for tiny flats.

Narrow slide-out cabinets

Narrow slide-out cabinets work great if there is some tiny space between the wall and, for example, a fridge. Or other cabinets. It’s a fantastic way to get some more storage room. Mind you, the cabinets can stretch from the floor up to the edge of top cabinets.

Floor drawers catching on

I’m really grateful that finally somebody came up with it. That used to be a real waste of kitchen space.

Let’s have a look at the space between cabinets’ legs and the floor

The drawers front covers the space there.

If you have a cabinet like this, why don’t you get such drawers?

Isn’t it a right place for your pet’s bowl?

What do you think?

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