She wrapped the candle with a photo printed on a tracing paper. After drying she discovered something special

Christmas is fast approaching. A real Christmas fever has already started in the stores. We can find there many things that our loved onces would certainly like…

Imagine that you get a nice watch and a handmade photo album from a relative, which gift is more important to you? What makes you more happy?

The answer for many will probably be simple – an album.

Why? Because to make such a gift our loved one had to put his or her heart and all the wonderful feelings he o she has for us.

Handmade gifts, although they often don’t have a financial value, they make us happy more than anything else. That is why its worth considering giving such a pleasure for Christmas to people we love.

Today we’ll show you an idea to make one of these gifts! A photo-candle. Sounds a bit strange, but the end result is really great! Anyway, see for yourself!

What you will need?

  • a large white candle
  • pictures you want to give to the loved one
  • technical carbon paper
  • dryer



1. Print the picture on a carbon paper

Photocandle 1

Carbon paper is an extremely thin type of paper, so it will be difficult for us to print a picture on it without a little help. The best solution would be if you stick it in the corners to normal paper. Thanks to this, the photo will be printed without any problems.

2. Cut out the picture precisely and wrap it around the candle

Photocandle 2

3. Wrap a candle with a picture with a larger piece of paper

Photocandle 3

4. Dry the picture on the candle with a warm stream of the dryer for 3 to 5 minutes

Photocandle 4

5. Remove the carbon paper and it’s ready!

Photocandle 5

Do you like our handmade gift idea?