Sharpen A Kitchen Knife Without The Sharpener

Special tools won’t be needed to keep your knife well sharpened!
You need to admit that there is no good cooking without right tools. That’s why an important part of cooking is having all knives in a good condition! In our new video we show you the easiest way to sharpen your knives with ordinary kitchen stuff, no knife sharpener needed!

Check out the video to see how to make it! All you need to prepare is ceramic mug or a plate that has a rough, flat bottom. Turn coffee cup upside down so the bottom faces upward. Gather knives that need to be sharpened. Sharpen your knife the way we do it on video. This technique works for all knife sizes and types so feel free to apply this method across the board.

When you finish, use a clean cloth to smooth over the finished, sharpened blade to remove any debris.

Remember! Be careful and don’t sharpen over your food.

This is a great trick to know, don’t you think!? You will cut 20 cherry tomatoes in 5 seconds with your sharpened knife. ;)

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