Repelling Spiders from Your House – 7 Effective Ways

Spiders are useful but some of us would rather they weren’t around. If you are not keen on their company, check 7 ways to scare spiders away.

Effective ways to repel spiders

#1 Peppermint oil

Spiders are very sensitive to smells. Even if you can’t smell anything, they can detect it from a distance. One of the smells they can’t stand is peppermint oil. Add a few drops to your favourite candle or air refresher.

Effective ways to repel spiders

#2 Vinegar

Vinegar is another smell spiders don’t like. Pour some vinegar into a spray bottle and spray it anywhere you can spot spider webs. Spiders will never come back there. The most effective is apple cider vinegar. Add some to water and spray all over places where spiders appear.

Effective ways to repel spiders

#3 Lemon juice

Slice a lemon and rub it all over door and window frames. This will stop spiders from entering your houses.

Effective ways to repel spiders

#4 Peppermint

Apart from peppermint, spiders are not fond of peppermint itself. Put a few pots of peppermint on your window sills and the spiders are bound to stay away.

Effective ways to repel spiders

#5 Cedar

A few bags of cedar woodchips in drawers and wardrobes will also keep spiders away from you. There is no way the creatures will get any closer to the cedar-protected furniture.

Effective ways to repel spiders

#6 Nuts

It is not only chestnuts that repel spiders. All kinds of nuts give off a scent that holds them back. Although we can’t smell it, but spiders can! Just leave a few nuts all over your place, or even smash them and put the pulp on a saucer.

Effective ways to repel spiders

#7 Spider traps

Unfortunately this methods is about capturing spiders. If you are determined, however, that something still worth trying out. Spiders come hiding behind your bed or shelves in the basement. Sometimes you just need to destroy their webs regularly and after some time they will simply move out. If you are not patient enough though, you can design a trap of a box shoe and double-sided adhesive tape. Just stick the tape all over the box and put it in a spider-infested place.

Of course do not forget to clean up your house on regular basis. Spiders like the dust. The more often you do the dusting, the fewer spiders you get!

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