Raw Potato Non-Stick Grill Trick

Cut it in half and use it as a natural protection for your barbeque.
We must say, there aren't many hacks and tricks that make us surprise anymore. We have seen almost everything what one can find on the internet - we are great researchers! Have you already seen 5 Minutes Sorbet we released few days ago? It is amazing that salt added to ice makes food freeze much faster than the fridge. Or this amazing way to Cut a Lime to Get All the Juice - due to the fact its inner parts are different than the lemons, cutting the lime into half doesn't bring such effects!

Anyway, we know how to make your life easier! This time we focus on the Grill as the season has started, and the scent of food coming from all over the neighbourhood, makes us start grilling too. It may be a little overwhelming though when your fish or delicate vegetables tend to stick to the grill and fall apart whenever you try to put them onto the plate.

To avoid such problem, just use this Raw Potato Non-Stick Grill Trick before you put the first steak on the heated barbeque. When you rub the potato back and forth on the grill, the natural starch from the potato starts to extract on the heated surface and is what helps foods stay nice and clean - simple as that!

As soon as you fire up your next grill, try this method and let us know in comments on our Facebook page, how it worked for you.

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