Thanks to This Hammock Every Single Break in the Office Can Be Much More Relaxing Than a Nap on the Couch

Working in the office you do deserve a break from time to time. Sometimes a short walk will do. And sometimes having lunch works just as well. However, if you are more into horizontal forms of relaxation, I have a much better solution for you…

Office hammock

An American company supplying office furniture has developed a hammock designed to hang under a desk or a table. Consequently, everyone can take a nap just lie there for a moment stretching their legs.

Quick assembly

The hammock can be easily fixed to the desk framework with a snap hook, so there is no need to make any holes. It is sold in a special bag which is permanently attached to the hammock – there’s no risk of losing it. While you are resting, you can use it to store a bottle of water, your phone or other bits and pieces.

Like parachute


The hammock is available in two color versions: grey and blue. It costs approximately $55 and it is made of parachute nylon. Fixed under the desk it can easily hold a person up to 200 pounds. Of course if you leave the office, you can use it in a park or a garden to work on your laptop there.

Two color options

Relief for your legs


For people who want to comfortably stretch their legs under the desk, there is a mini version of the hammock that I strongly recommend. You can attach it at any height and rest your feet there. A very simple way to take a break in the office.

A more comfortable working place

What do you think about these hammocks?

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