Easy Way To Pit Cherries Without Using A Cherry Pitter

You will be surprised how clean and easy the pitting can be!
We are too excited about our new video! Is high time to discover some awesome kitchen hacks, don’t you think!? Are you ready to learn the easiest way to pit a cherry without a pitter? You need only two simple little kitchen items to make this happen - a bottle and a chopstick.

Are you ready? All Handimaniacs drumroll, please!

Let’s start. First of all choose fresh, ripe cherries. Rinse them with cool water, pat them dry, and remove their stems. Then you need to take a cherry and hold the top of a fruit up to the bottle. Next poke the cherry pit and push the pit out straight to a bottle. The bottle catches all the pits, and you’re left with a whole cherry! You will see how nice to keep all of the cherries whole for your pie or other preserves and desserts. Not to mention there is very little clean up! Our pitting method is like this one with strawberries - totally a piece of cake!

TIP: You can use the great juice that comes out with the pits! Not much, but enough to do something with.

Now a cherry pie won’t be a problem for all baking lovers! Need some delicious recipe? Here you go! Mouth watering cheesecake with cherries! Bon Appétit!

Who of you will bake a cherry pie this week?

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