Don’t throwaway laundry liquid bottle. It will be a great gadget that you can use for Christmas tree care

Christmas is coming shortly, it means that in most of our homes Christmas trees already started to appear. The Christmas tree is undoubtedly a symbol of december’s meetings with the family. However, sometimes the real trees can be a nightmare.

Choosing a perfect Christmas tree, as well as its further care seems to be quite difficult. Thanks to this trick your tree will stay beautiful for many weeks!

First of all, think what kind of tree you would like to buy. You may think that a Christmas tree its just a Christmas tree, but spruce, pine or fir differ from each other in terms of needle length and size.

Doesn’t matter what kind of tree you choose, you certainly must know that they need to be regularly watered

But how to do it if the needles prickle so much?

It turns out that there is a simple way to do it! All you need is: empty laundry liquid bottle and PVC pipe.

Use the wallpaper knife to cut off the bottom of the bottle. Now get rid of the cap and attach the empty bottle to the pipe with a strong tape

Place the tool between the branches of the tree and pour water into the cut liquid bottle

Problem solved! You don’t have to bend down and expose yourself to back pain and needle scratches anymore!

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