Cool Way To Serve Mandarin Oranges

Fun and easy idea for serving mandarin oranges to yourself or your guests. Kids approved! :)
You can peel fruits in many ways, but there are some methods better than the others. One of them is definitely our power drill apple peeling . And here we have another excellent way, this time it let you serve the tangerines like a boss!

If you've ever wondered how to serve the mandarin oranges better, that's the method for you! And it's really easy ;) All you need to do is peel the top and the bottom of the fruit. After this step you should have a peel belt around your tangerine. Now, just tear the belt on the combining of the mandarin segments and roll the fruit out separating the segments if needed. It's done! ;)

You can serve the tangerines lying on the peel or turn them around and create a mandarin caterpillar! Kids love that way, trust us ;)

Check out our video tutorial or follow step-by-step photo tutorial below.

What you need:

Supplies / ingredients:

  • Mandarin orange

There are different kinds of mandarin oranges on the market. For this project pick the brighter one with thinner peel.



Peel the top of the fruit.



Do the same on the bottom.


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