Adjust tires in a stroller during the winter. It’s about safety!

Parents must have the divisibility of attention and be really creative. Otherwise, it is difficult for them to cope with such a difficult task which parenting is. Any good idea can make it easier … Today I have a perfect one for winter …

Moving the stroller on an icy surface

This trick will be especially useful at this time of year. Thanks to it, moving on a slippery, icy surface won’t be so terrible … And every parent knows perfectly well that even a baby with a delicate runny nose should stay outside every day, unless it is raining. After all, when the temperature goes down, baby’s immunity increases. ?

winter walks

What do we need?

So how to deal with a stroller on ice or snow? It’s simple – we only need:

  • Good scissors
  • Cable tie


1. Clamp the cable tie around the wheel

stroller instruction 1

2. Cut off the protruding tip

stroller instruction 2

3. The stroller is ready for cold winter walks!

Stroller instruction 3

Thanks to this trick, the wheels of the stroller hold on to the ground better. This is extremely important for the safety of our baby.

Since we change tires in the car, we should also take care of our children’s “vehicle”.