9 ways to reuse plastic. Mother Earth will be grateful to you!

Plastic has become an inseparable element of human life which threatens our planet. Degrading for thousands of years and it’s harmful to humans and animal. Not only birds or fish eat plastic – scientists have found that even tiny creatures living at the bottom of the Mariana trench have plastic particles in their stomachs …

Start using less plastic and try to use the one you already have at home in new ways!

# 1 Use the bottle as a watering can

Plastic 1

Make a few holes in the bottle cap, then fill the bottle with water and leave it in the sun. When the water warms up a little, water the plants with it. In this way you won’t have to buy a watering can!

# 2 Make a bird feeder


All you need to make a feeder is a plastic bottle, a few pens or wooden sticks, a knife, string, grains and seeds.

# 3 Place plastic baskets on the bicycle carrier

Plastic 3

Plastic buckets (even those after cat’s sand) can be used as bicycle baskets. You can close the buckets and be sure that they will not get wet like wicker baskets. It may not look super stylish, but its an interesting solution, especially when you need to carry shopping, food for a picnic.

# 4 Make a hanging organizer using bottle pieces

Plastic 4

Old detergent bottles can be cut in half and placed on wooden rungs, creating a DIY organizer. You can put it in a garage and hide there small tools or plant something.

# 5 Make garden furniture out of an empty beverage crates

Plastic 5

Another example that recycling is just a matter of rearranging your thinking! You can make a sofa, table and chairs out of the plastic drinks. Great idea, right?

# 6 Make flowerpots out of the bottles


Any type of bottle will be useful – after soda, juice, milk or kefir. Choose the one that will suit the plant you want to replant. Then cut a hole on the side of the bottle and several holes from below to ensure that too much water drains.

# 7 Use the bottom of the bottle to make Ester decorations


Surely, every year you buy a lot of decorations for the holidays, but do you know that using plastic bottles you can make your own decorations? Cut off the bottom of the bottle, heat its edges using an iron so you won’t get hurt with sharp plastic. Now paint the bottle with your chosen paint or glitter, add ribbons and plant the cress. Just in time for Easter!

Plastic 7_2
You can also make interesting Christmas tree ornaments. Make a hole in the bottom of the bottle, use glue or glitter and create your own “bauble”.

Plastic 8

# 8 Use plastic bags to transport the seedlings

Plastic 8_2

In addition to the bottles, check if you don’t have durable plastic bags in your garage. These can be useful when transplanting and transporting plants. Greenery and ecology lovers will definitely appreciate this trick!

# 9 Something for patients – plastic mats and pads

Plastic 9

If you can knit or crochet, you can try to replace the classic threads … with cut plastic bags! Cut the bags into strips and use them as if you were using threads. A little patience and you’ll find interesting decorations for a table or a wall.

Do you know any other ways to reuse plastic? What do you do to improve the environment?