8 items that weakens WiFi signal. Because of them the internet connection is weaker!

Sometimes each one of us has a problem with a good WiFi signal. At times the problem is caused by providers. But a weak signal is not always a fault of the provider. So what makes the signal weaken or interrupted? See 8 home items that makes the WiFi signal worst.

#1 Metal surfaces and furniture

Each metal is a conductor and absorbs electricity. The electromagnetic waves sent by your router are simply absorbed by metal objects. Therefore, if you have a problem with the WiFi signal, put the router away from any metal elements.

#2 Walls

Some walls stops the WiFi signal, especially if materials such as brick, concrete, plaster, cement or marble were used for their construction. That’s why there is often a problem with WiFi in the storey houses…
To overcome this, place the router in the open space, away from the walls.

#3 Mirrors

The mirror reflects the seen image seen, but unfortunately reflects the signal as well from the router. If the mirror is close to the router in the room, its signal may be much weaker.

#4 Refrigerators and washing machines

Water may retain the part of the energy from the wireless waves, which is why equipment with a water circulation has a negative impact on the quality of your internet connection.

#5 Christmas lights

Light-emitting lamps creates a magnetic field that interacts with the router’s electric waves. So in December place the router away from the Christmas tree.

#6 Baby monitor

These devices generate 2.4 GHz interference. When 2 or more devices transmit the same frequency, they use air to send data instead of transmitting waves, like in the case of a wireless connection. Although baby monitors usually require a network connection to function properly, avoid placing them too close to the router.

#7 Drones

Drones also operate at 2.4 GHz, but not all models generate such interference. It all depends on the power that each model needs to function.

#8 Microwave

Its another device with a frequency spectrum similar to the one used by WiFi. If you have a router near one, lift it to the place that is higher than microwave level. This will significantly reduce the negative effect of microwaves on the connection.

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