23 Shockingly Awful Hotel Room Designs

After you’ve been traveling a while, every hotel begins to look the same unless, that is, you’ve booked a much more unusual place to stay. However, reality can often surprise us. It turns out sometimes a room with a view is actually of a wall, a miniature bathroom, where it’s hard to sit on the toilet, and the carpet in the hallway resembles a crime scene. Watch the gallery and find out how unpleasantly surprised some hotel guests were.

#1 It Was Supposed To Be a Room With a Window and It Actually Is 😉

#2 When the Maid Uses Your Boxers To Make a Monkey Out of Towels

#3 Carpet That Can Confuse the Senses 😉

#4 A Pool Within a Pool

#5 The Disabled Do Not Have It Easy in This Hotel

#6 Where Did the Elevator Go?

#7 The Staircase for Athletes

#8 Mirror Mirages

#9 Pool Cleaning Crew Forgotten To Call

#10 Not Even One Foot Will Fit On This Balcony

#11 Micro Scale Room for One Person

#12 Extremely Pleasant View From the Hotel Bed 😉

#13 Blinding Brilliance of Light Seen Throughout the Night

#14 A Hair Dryer next to the Shower

#15 Everyone Wants To See Hair Masterpiece on the Wall in the Lobby 😉

#16 The Staff Took the Request for a Small Fridge Very Literally

#17 Bathroom for Really Small People Only

#18 The Maid Is Guilty Of This Crime 😉 .

#19 A Seat That a Does Not Even Fit The Toilet

#20 Room With an Ocean View

#21 The Precision of This Maser Peace 😉

#22 Door to Eternity, Live and Prosper 😉

#23 When You Have to Pay Extra for a Large Screen

Do you stay much in the hotels? Let us know your experience.

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