20 Surprising Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide uses which can surprise you. We have collected 19 of them so far

This is clear about the hydrogen peroxide that it is good for irrigation. However, this chemical compound, is useful for many other things. Below we find the most valuable forms of use for the hydrogen peroxide

#1 Healing of viral and bacterial infections

If you feel in your body first cold or flu symptomps, dose three drops of hydrogen peroxide into your each ear. Leave this liquid for ten minutes, then tip your head up to let the solution drain

#2 Gargle

Because the chemical composition, hydrogen peroxide is ideal to eradicate germs and bacteria in the oral cavity. It is enough to add two caps to the glass of water

  • teeth
  • #3 Whitewashing

    If we want to whiten teeth, it is enough to mix two tablespoons of water with one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide. Using this mixture we rinse the oral cavity during one minute after washing with paste. After all we rinse the mounth one more time with water.
    You can do it not more than three times a week

    #4 Bleaching hair

    In order to lighten your hair, you just need to dilute hydrogen peroxide with ordinary water from the sink. Spray wet strands with formed mixture and leave it for fifteen minutes. After a few experiments, the hair should be brighter

    #5 Toothache

    Let’s mix one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide with one teaspoon of coconut oil. Then just spread this mixture over the aching tooth

    #6 Desinfection

    Pour cuts and scrapes hydrogen peroxide directly. In this case the wounds will be not only disinfectioned but also quicker healed

    #7 Smooth skin

    If acne or hyperpigmentation niggles you, you need to cleanse your skin using hydrogen peroxide and next to do is washing it down. Better effect than tonic!

    #8 Cleaning ears

    Earwax in the ear is not easy to remove. However, you can get it easier with hydrogen peroxide! You need to pour two drops of it to each ear and then add two drops of olive oil to each one. Wait 3 to 4 minutes keeping this liquid in the ears.When earwax get melts, the liquid will drain off from the ear

    #9 Hand desinfection

    When you mix hydrogen peroxide with ordinary water and you wash your hands using this combination, it can work as antibacterial soap

    #10 Soft skin of your feet

    Just soak your feet in water and half a glass of hydrogen peroxide


    #11 Cleaning off toothbrushes

    The object like a toothbrush is bacterial habitat. That’s why it is good to soak them in hydrogen peroxide once a month

    #12 Spots removing

    Everyone can use hydrogen peroxide instead of a stain revomer successfully. It removes stains excellently, especially blood. It is easy – just pour it out directly on the stain and wait a minute. Next one thing to do is to rinse the stain under warm water

    Spot removal

    #13 Deodorising

    Not many people know that hydrogen peroxide removes bad smells from the fabrics amazingly – especially these which derive from animals. All you need to do is soak the stinking clothes in water with a little bit vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. After this simply activity, wash it quickly

    #14 Cleaning off food boxes

    After long storing of food boxes, they can be bacterial habitat. That’s why it is worth washing with water from the tap adding a few drops of hydrogen peroxide

    #15 Washing toilets

    If you mix the bowl of water and half a glass of hydrogen peroxide, flood the toilet and wait about 30 minutes, the toilet will be look like new one! Additionally, you will get rid of germs

    #16 Mold removal

    If you want to remove the mold from the surface, just spray it and keep sprayed for 10 minutes. Later wipe off with a sponge

    #17 Cleaning off cutting board

    Cutting boards, especially these which we use to raw meat, are ideal place for spreading the bacteria. It is worth spraying them using cold water and hydrogen peroxide from time to time. Leave the object for 15 minutes and rinse


    #18 Washing fridge

    Washing the fridge using tap water, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, you will not only get rid of bad smells but also different sort of bacteria

    #19 Cleaning off toys

    There are also many germs on the toys which require from the owner to remove. That’s why it is important too to wash them using our basic kind of liquid

    #20 Washing burnt pots

    Mix hydrogen peroxide with baking soda. Such paste put on burnt surface and wait 10 minutes. Now you aren’t in a need to brush it!

    Did you know about everything?! :)