15 Exceptional Photographs Showing Bad Luck in Variety of Ways. Because Everyone Has a Bad Day Sometimes …

Some people are simply unlucky. Something must always be wrong around them. In our gallery, you will find the most unlucky people who have had a hopeless day due to one mistake. Bitter life.

#15 Oh God, What Do I Do Now…

hey_im_dad / reddit

#14 When the Only Non-Functioning Monitor on the Plane Is Yours…

Jammy_Git / reddit

#13 When You Want to Charge Your Car And The Charging Stations is Swimming Instead

Xplosiv27 / reddit

#12 When You Want to Avoid a Traffic Jam…

ohwaitwassheagreatbigfatperson / imgur

#11 When They Said There Will be ‘Eggs Involved’, I Didn’t Expect This


#10 You’ve Been Away for Two Whole Days


#9 Free Breakfast Cereals


#8 When a Car Is So Broken That It Spoils Other Vehicles With Its Own Aura


#7 If Somebody Manages to Push Through These, Will be a Really Lucky Person


#6 “I Got the Best Seat in the Stadium!”


#5 How Not to Love Winter Here?


#4 It Must Have Been the Right Day to Buy New Pair of Scissors


#3 I Think, Their Plane Left About Two Hours Ago…

czmax / reddit

#2 Cleaned My Dog’s Dump & Then the Rest of the Flat…

screamicide / reddit

#1 I Left My Bike Under Secured Bike Station…


Bonus: The First Day at a New Job Is Like …


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