11 Surprising Uses of Nivea Cream. It’s a Classic For a Reason!

The Nivea Creme is a classic for a reason. We usually use it as a moisturizing cream, and only a few people know this 11 surprising uses.

#1 Nivea is Anti-Aging cream

Nivea cream is a great solution for wrinkles. Properly moisturized skin slows down the process of their formation, and wrinkles can be reduced.

#2 Nivea Cream prevents stretch marks

80% of the population get stretch marks! They are particularly common during and after pregnancy due to the rapid changes in the body. Keep your skin moisturized to prevent changes. In this case, Nivea cream works just as well as expensive oils.

#3 Reduces dark circles under the eyes

Dark circles under the eyes sometimes can be difficult to hide. Often accompanied by ugly bags. Youse Nivea cream to moisturize skin. It will keep your skin hydrated and it can reduce dark circles by plumping up.

#4 Remove your makeup

Just apply a little cream to the cotton pad and it’s ready. Works well even for waterproof makeup!

#5 For dry elbows

A lot of people complain about dry skin on elbows. You don’t need a special cream if you have Nivea cream. Perfectly moisturizes and very quickly makes the skin on the elbows soft again. It can also be used to replace foot cream.

# 6 Instead of hand cream

Since we have Nivea cream in our bag, we don’t need another hand cream.

# 7 Relieves inflammation

Sunburn, rash, irritation, eczema and all other skin problems can be alleviated with Nivea cream. Perfect for prophylaxis and soothes inflammation.

# 8 Burn treatment

Also, all types of burns will be eased. The cream will prevent blistering and soothe the pain.

Remember: Put Nivea cream a few hours after the accident. When you put it too fast it will make burn even stronger.

# 9 Lip balm

Dry and chapped lips will go into oblivion. Nivea cream works much better than ordinary lipsticks, and you always have it on hand.

# 10 Soothing after sunbathing

Burning skin or burns will be eased. Nivea cream prevents flaking, nourishes and soothes burns.

# 11 Combined with vitamin may be your only cream!

Capsules with vitamins can be bought at any pharmacy. By adding them to the cream we significantly strengthen its action. Vitamin A eliminates discoloration and calluses. Vitamin E, or “youth vitamin” by adding it to the cream, we can be sure that it will smooth our skin and prevent wrinkles.

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