10+ brilliant ideas on how to protect a Christmas tree from your pets

Those of you who have pets will confirm that keeping a beautiful Christmas tree away from them is a challenge. Animals love to play with colorful decorations and before you even notice the tree lands on the ground.
Here are the examples of people who found a way to protect their Christmas trees

#1 A dog ate candy from the Christmas tree…they found a way

Pets Christmas tree 1

#2 Where the paw doesn’t reach…

Fox Christmas tree

#3 A tree perfect for the cat owners

Cat Christmas tree

#4 At least this tree won’t try to run away! ;p

Cat Christmas Tree 2

#5 This kind of Christmas tree is 100% safe

Christmas tree plant

#6 Resistance to cats +100

Christmas tree pets protection

#7 I think we already know how big is the dog

Christmas tree dog

#8 Interesting how long these bows will last…

Christmas tree bows

#9 Small apartment and cat? Christmas tree this year on the balcony!

Christmas tree balcony cat

#10 At least you don’t need to sweep the floor

Christmas tree wall

#11 A fence for the Christmas tree. The dog’s face says it all! :)

Christmas tree dog 2