10 beautiful things you can create with an old light bulb. You’ll stop throwing them away!

Regular light bulbs are more and more often replaced with energy-saving ones. So what to do with traditional light bulbs, if we keep them at home? You don’t have to throw them away! You can transform them into fantastic decorations.

# 1 Decoration with shells

If you have a collection of small shells just put them in a bulb and pour epoxy resin with hardener mixed in a 2:1 proportions

# 2 Light bulbs full of flowers

Again use epoxy resin and hardener, you can sink everything that fits into the hole of the bulb. Make a beautiful ornament from your favorite flowers.

# 3 Glitter vases

All you need is a magic glue and glitter in your favorite color. And…you have a brilliant decorations, e.g. for carnival! You can also use this kind of bulbs as vases.

# 4 Kerosene lamp

You need kerosene and a wick from an oil lamp. These lamps will add charm during the meetings with friends.

# 5 Glass balloons

If you feel like painting just paint the light bulbs! Wrap the thread with a string and it’s ready. All you should do is hanging them in the children’s room and admire their charm.

# 6 Plant breeding

Airplants are plants that need neither earth nor water to live. Although they should be moisturized once every two weeks. In any case, they are perfect plants for growing in a light bulbs!

# 7 Christmas decorations

Just a few points and you’ll create such a beautiful snowmen on a light bulb!

# 8 Kerosene lamp on the terrace

On a windy days, use this idea for an oil lamp!

# 9 Colorful world

You don’t have any flowers or seashells … but you definitely must have some buttons!

# 10 Light bulb seedlings

Do you have branches of the indoor plants? You can also keep them in a light bulbs. They will create a small garden in your home.

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