10 Basic Etiquette Rules That Can Help You in Life

In a world full of smartphones and technology, sometimes we forget that the most important thing is to be kind. Of course, some rules have changed over time, but the basics of good behavior should still be present. Children and young people should learn these 10 principles of etiquette!

#1 “Magic words”

Today, it is easier to hear curses from children than the words “please” or “thank you”. Sometimes a simple “good morning” can improve the mood of another person, so always remember to be kind. Smile back to the cashier, say goodbye before leaving work.

#2 Investing in Yourself – Personal Appearance

Choose the right clothes and makeup for the occasion. If you are going for a romantic dinner or family holidays, your appearance should not be too defiant or messy. In turn, playing with a dog in the park is better to wear old jeans than a sophisticated dress. And remember! Your shoes should always be clean.

#3 Correct body posture

When I was little, my mother always pointed out how I was sitting and whether my back was straight. Correct body posture will have a good effect on your body, but thanks to it you will also show respect to other people in your environment. In the past, slouching was a sign of laziness and boredom.

#4 Manners at the table

Do not keep your elbows on the table. Also, make sure you don’t slurp when you drink or eat soup. Do not put your little finger down holding a glass or cup. Don’t talk with your mouth full and keep a large napkin on your lap.

#5 Handwritten ‘Thank You’ notes

In the Internet age, we forget how pleasant it can be to hand someone a birthday card or thank you note for coming to a wedding. There is nothing more beautiful than a few handwritten words. This rare thing will impress the person to whom the message will be addressed.

#6 Sitting with crossed ankles

My grandmother always said, ‘this is how real ladies sit’. I must admit that this is a very elegant and convenient way of crossing your legs. In contrast, it’s healthier than sitting with crossed knees. Crossing the legs can put pressure on the peroneal nerve at the back of the knee, which supplies sensation to the lower legs and feet.

#7 Standing up when an older person enters the room

This is a sign of respect and a form of greeting an elderly person. In this way, you communicate that you have noticed a person and you want to say hello to him. Today, unfortunately, this form is rare and sometimes considered old-fashioned, but if you want others to recognize you as a cultural person and you want to show knowledge of good manners, it’s worth remembering this rule.

#8 Hat etiquette

Men always took off their hats when they walk into a room. It’s a sign of respect and good manners, unfortunately, due to the changing fashion and the lack of passing on certain values, today we can see a lot of people who sit in restaurants or bars with hats on their heads.

#9 It is the woman who decides when the date ends

During social gatherings, men have always watched how a woman behaves and whether she wants to leave. Today, when a woman says that she would like to go home, her partner replies that it’s ok and that he will stay. Even when the date is over, the man rarely escorts his companion to the car or apartment.

#10 Bill issue

This topic is always controversial, especially when it comes to the first date. Formerly a woman asked the waiter for the bill, but her partner took responsibility and regulated the payment. Today this rule is disappearing, but it is worth remembering that during the first date, a woman should propose to split the bill in half. If a man makes an offer and offers to pay in full, it is a good idea to pay the part,

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