Instead of a Dog House, TikToker Makes a Two‑Story House for Her Dogs. The Interior Is Stunning

    Instead of a Dog House, TikToker Makes a Two-Story House for Her Dogs. The Interior Is Stunning

    3:39 PM EST, January 4, 2022, updated: 12:53 PM EST, January 5, 2022

    American lifestyle tiktoker Chip Girl decided to show her most extravagant side - she gave her golden retrievers a two-story house, which serves as their dog kennel.


    Chip Girl is a very popular U.S TikTok star . She is watched by 2.5 million people, and her videos are watched regularly by anywhere from a few hundred thousand people to a few million

    The house that was built for her dogs looks exclusive and has a lot of gadgets and features such as a slide, balcony and hammock, not to mention numerous toys, couches and other seats.


    The whole thing has divided her fans a lot. Some people are impressed by the idea and are delighted with it…

    Most commenters, however, are outraged by the absurdly luxurious and extravagant idea, especially at a time when many people are struggling financially due to the pandemic


    It's worth mentioning that the tiktoker may not have paid a penny for the dog house - the company Charmed Playhouse was responsible for putting it up, and it's not entirely clear whether Chip Girl didn't get it for free in exchange for advertising

    Would you like your dog to have a house like this ?

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