This Is What Would Happen If You Opened the Plane Door Mid-flight. The Mystery Solved!

    This Is What Would Happen If You Opened the Plane Door Mid‑flight. The Mystery Solved!

    This Is What Would Happen If You Opened the Plane Door Mid-flight. The Mystery Solved!
    7:30 PM EDT, July 9, 2020

    Travelling by plane is a great convenience. We can easily travel even to the most distant corners of the world. That’s a great advantage of this means of transport.

    However, what would happen if someone reached the emergency door before the cabin crew would notice? Would the door open and would all passengers be sucked out? Would it also cause the plane’s explosion?

    According to Jason Rabinowitz, a journalist working for Travel&Leisure, this is physically impossible. At a typical cruising altitude the pressure difference between the inside and the ambient is so huge that the door simply can’t open.

    To do it, your arms would have to be as strong as a pneumatic jack

    Opening the door causes decompression. A parachutist can only jump when the decompression is controlled.

    A situation like this happened 1988, when a part of the plane exploded. The cabin was being sucked out through the explosion hole. The pilot managed to land within 13 minutes saving all passengers aboard.

    When the pilot finds out about a failure, he might reduce the altitude so that the cabin crew could open the door.

    Even if opening the plane door mid-flight is completely impossible, it doesn’t mean that an attempt to do it will have no consequences

    The door handle might get broken. In an extreme situation that may depressurise the plane – you could hear a hissing sound and at the same time the oxygen mask will drop.

    All passengers must be aware that their behaviour aboard has impact on the atmosphere and other people’s feelings.

    In the USA an attempt to open the plane of an airborne plane is treated as disobeying the aircraft crew and is punishable with a fine or even prison sentence.

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