The Smell That Fruit Flies Hate. Get Rid of Them From the Kitchen

    The Smell That Fruit Flies Hate. Get Rid of Them From the Kitchen

    11:47 AM EDT, August 27, 2022, updated: 3:27 PM EDT, August 27, 2022

    There is a simple way to get rid of fruit flies, so you can quickly get rid of these bothersome insects. The key to success is smell and the kitchen cabinet where you keep the ingredients you need for baking cakes.

    Rapidly multiplying fruit flies are a real nuisance. They appear out of nowhere and quickly settle in kitchen fruit bowls. They don't even despise open beer and wine bottles and jam jars. Of course, just simply killing flies with a hand is not enough. It's worth doing something to discourage them from getting into your home.

    Vanilla Repellent

    Flies, for some reason, do not tolerate the smell of vanilla. Take advantage of this knowledge and make a scented repellent. Put some cotton balls in a small and flat jar. Then pour 4 tablespoons of vanilla extract (used when baking cakes) over them.

    Cover the jar with thin fabric (fix it with a rubber band with a formula). Then put a few mint leaves on the gauze. Put the preparation prepared in this way on the kitchen counter or near the trash can.

    Another idea is to make a vanilla spray. Add a few drops of vanilla essential oil to water. Use the concoction like an air freshener and spray the corners of your home with it.

    Fruit Trap

    Put a few pieces of any fruit (they can be overripe or slightly overcooked) into a jar. Then cover the whole thing with a piece of cling film or aluminum foil. Fix it with a rubber band. Make small holes in the foil. A toothpick will be best for this purpose.

    Set the trap in the kitchen. The principle of its operation is simple. The flies are attracted by the sweet aroma of fruit. Then the insects fly into the jar, but are no longer able to leave it and simply die on pieces of fruit.

    Photography by SUPAPORNKH/Shutterstock
    Photography by SUPAPORNKH/Shutterstock

    Drying Method

    How to get rid of fruit flies quickly? If you need to get the insects out of the house in a flash, then treat them with a stream of hot air coming out of the dryer. The flies will literally fry. This may not be a very humane method, but sometimes you have to resort to radical measures.

    You can also run a vacuum cleaner and catch flies in the kitchen with its help.

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